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No Ball Games 

By Kristen Smyth
Directed by Kitan Petkovski

Development Showcase
7:30PM, 21 July, Common Rooms, Trades Hall


Performers: Kristen Smyth and Mia Tuco
Producer: Ben Anderson
Composer: Meta Cohen
Set and Costume Designer: Chantal Marks
Film maker: Lado Morgan
Promo and Rehearsal Photography: Cameron Grant

Supported by Melbourne Fringe Festival.

No Ball Games Allowed explores the world near the bottom of a series of high rise towers, a world where a young woman disappears and her life is remembered by her mother, a life of moments and opportunities that were never fully grasped, that could have been different.

Kristen Smyth's new post-dramatic play speaks to regret and family trauma, and encourages us to examine our true selves, and ask how much do we really know of our loved ones and their inner lives?

Warning: Contains strong coarse language, both sudden and sustained loud noises, potentially triggering content or themes, including Violence, Self Harm or Suicide, Emotional Abuse, Drug use and Drug References.


'Hurtles us from one space to the next'
PIN DROP (Royal Court)


'A serious contender'
PIN DROP (Theatre 503)


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