Written by Keziah Warner
Directed by Kitan Petkovski


Creative Team

Cast: Melissa Gan, Victoria Haslam, Cheryl Ho, Jessica Martin
and Alice Ridgway

Assistant Director: Nicki Jam
Dramaturg: Cathy Hunt
Set and Costume Designer: Bethany J Fellows
Lighting Designer: Noah Huxtable
Composition: Ben Houghton
Sound Design: Justin Gardam

Promo photography: Serene Lorimer
Production stills: Vivian Smith

Cali and Nira are non-identical twins. Before they were born, their genes were edited to make them immune to a disease associated with memory loss. The procedure had never been attempted before. It was a choice based on theory. A choice with an unknown outcome. A life, lives, altered. The human race has never been the same.

Spanning eight decades, Cali and Nira navigate waiting rooms and clinics, forced to endure relentless assessments and reviews, constantly in dread realising their own fragility. Some see them as incredible, while others call them monsters. All they ever wanted was to be normal.

LuNa is the latest play from Keziah Warner (Control) that delicately dissects an unconventional journey through sisterhood, the unique bond between twins and the unprecedented medical breakthrough that got in the way. Under the direction of Kitan Petkovski (Daffodils), an ensemble of five women unearth the grit and heart of this poetic, raging and exhilarating new Australian play.

This development season is inspired by the true story of the world’s first genetically edited twins Lulu and Nana, born in October 2018.

Presented as part of the 2019 VCA Master of Directing for Performance Graduate Season.


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