The Deliberate Disappearance of
my Friend, Jack Hartnett

Script by Rochelle Bright
Music & Lyrics by Abraham Kunin

A chilling story about two lonely souls, self-fulfillment and deliberate destruction.

It’s 2AM and Oliver is still at the office.
His next move, depends on Jack.

Jack left work without notice in search of Anja - a woman behind the 152 emails sitting in Jack’s inbox. Auckland. Paris. Amsterdam. Zagreb. The echo of Anja’s voice drives Jack’s search.


When Oliver is granted online access to Jack’s innermost thoughts, the fragile balance between observer and participant is broken, leading Oliver to commit an irreversible crime.  

Starring Todd Emerson (Westside, Daffodils) and set to Abraham Kunin’s sonic-avalanche of a score, Jack Hartnett is an electronic, alt-theatre experience bound to take you captive.

Script - Rochelle Bright (Daffodils)
Music & Lyrics - Abraham Kunin (The Means, Junelle)
Director - Conrad Newport (Gifted, Central)

Performance - Todd Emerson 
Live music played by - Abraham Kunin, Leon Radojkovic
(Brel, Live Live Cinema) & Alex Freer (Tiny Ruins)

Set Design - Daniel Williams
Lighting Design - Jane Hakaraia
Sound Design - Tom Anderson
Creative Producer - Kitan Petkovski

Creative Team


Best Play Nomination - SWANZ, 2015

Supported by

Q Theatre, Creative New Zealand, Auckland Council, Auckland Arts Festival and Scenic Hotel Auckland



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