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Directed by Kitan Petkovski 
& Milly Cooper

Melbourne Fringe Festival

★★★★ (Mojo News)

"Devised theatre in Melbourne is a burgeoning area; Petkovski and Cooper’s work is some of the best I have seen." (StageWhispers)

"Freefall is what Sex and the City would have been like, if there were five instead of four and it was entirely set in a night club!” (WeekendNotes)

Alarm. Traffic. Work. Traffic. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. It’s been a big week. It’s always a big week. You need a break. It’s time to let your hair down and put your dancing shoes on because the moment has arrived, the time is now and the place is here.

Theatre-makers Cooper (Wielding Theatre) and Petkovski (Bullet Heart Club) collaborate with DJ Mortise & Tension and an ensemble of five women to create a highly physical performance anchored in the heart and on the fringes of mainstream society - the night club. A place where anything can happen. A liminal space that invites you to not only be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. Dance to express and forget. Get ready to let go and freefall.

“Dancing with strangers is strange at first, stranger at second, and danger at third. Meeting eyes and holding hands, and getting drunk, and saying yes but meaning no, and falling and falling and falling and falling...”

Cast - Sophia Simmons, Olive Asi, Alli Whitmore, Natalie Shinners & Ellen Grimshaw
DJ - Mortise and Tension
Lighting Design - Caitlin Overton
Contributing writer - Laura Collins
Promo photo - Stepanka Cervinkova
Production stills - Jack Dixon-Gunn

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