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A two-day workshop for gender-non-conforming writers with trans icon Jo Clifford, author of The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven.

The Channel
Arts Centre Melbourne 

Sat 21 & Sun 22 January 2023


To apply, email: with words, an audio or video clip of:

  1. A short bio about yourself

  2. Confirmation that you are available for both workshop days (21 & 22 January 10am–2pm)

Workshop is free to participants.
EOI applications close: 14 January 2023

Writer and performer – Jo Clifford
Producer - Ro Bright

Finding our own true voice.
Learning to listen to it, honour and respect it and even love it too....


Twenty trans, non-binary, gender-queer and on-their-journey-with-gender writers will be invited to participate in this one-of-a-kind masterclass with one of the most celebrated pioneers of queer theatre, Jo Clifford. Over two days participants will practice listening to each other’s stories. Working deeply and as empathetically as we can. And as we do that, we'll learn the craft we need to share these stories powerfully to the world.

"It took me twenty years to find my voice as a playwright, and then another twenty years to find my voice as a performer. Even though I thought I was the only one, I know now that I wasn't alone. It seems to me we all tend to internalise our oppression, and then we censor ourselves through our fear and shame. But we can overcome this oppression and find our own true voices. And it helps if we do this together” – Jo Clifford

In connection with:

  1. The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven

  2. An Hour with Queen Jesus, talk

  3. International Speaker at Midsumma Matters: The Future of Queer Arts

Supported by the British Council and Midsumma Festival.

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