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By Ro Bright & LHĒON
Directed by Kitan Petkovski

Life in self-isolation prompts recording artist LHĒON to perform a retelling of a house party using nothing more than multiple camera phones and her band online to support her live vocals. This monologue with songs is a reminder of the good times we’ve had in the confines of our homes.

Featuring Benny Huisman, Stella Anning & Tearnu Graham.

Edit & post-production: Garth Badger & Erin Geurts for Thievery Studio.

Songs written by Lhēon & Lee Bradshaw

Produced & Arranged by Lee Bradshaw for Bradshaw Music Productions. Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered at New Village Studios, Melbourne, Australia.

Listen to Lhēon Music.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants 2020.
Photo by Arnaud Szalai

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